Serfaus Adventure World

Lots of variety

Over the past years, the holiday region of Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis has created numerous family attractions. As guests of Leading Family Hotels Löwe & Bär, you get to enjoy water parks, fascinating themed hiking trails or the “Pirates’ Trail”.

Highlights of Serfaus

From the middle station of Komperdellbahn cable car to the adventure world

Amid the breathtaking nature of Serfaus, numerous highlights are waiting to be discovered at Serfaus Adventure World. In fact, there are so many of them that you won’t be able to explore them all in only one week! Simply take Komperdellbahn cable car up to Komperdell middle station and explore Murmli’s Adventure World. Serfaus is an Alpine paradise for families!

Murmli water at Serfaus Adventure World

Interactive water playground

Murmli water is a huge (15,000-square-metre) water playground at the middle station of Komperdell cable car in Serfaus for kids up to twelve years of age. The spacious water playground is based on the fact that children are simply fascinated by water. In combination with soil and sand, it allows toddlers and kids to get creative and build castles, roads or fantasy landscapes. What might not be allowed at home, is explicitly welcome at Murmli water: mudslinging and getting your hands dirty building dams and sand castles – a dream come true for toddlers and kids!

Marmot enclosure & Murmli cave

Meet the marmots

The region surrounding Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis is home to numerous marmots. Maybe you have heard their distinctive whistling during a hike? Out in the wild, the animals are hard to spot, but the spacious marmot enclosure at Murmli water allows you to marvel at them as long as you like.

Also don’t miss the Murmli cave at Serfaus Adventure World, a 200-metre walk-in cave system. Explore the various tunnels, see where the marmots sleep and enjoy the views from the vantage platform. Action-loving guests can even swoop down through the marmots’ maze on a slide!

Murmli trail

Explore the marmots‘ natural habitat

The Murmli trail allows you to follow in the footsteps of Murmli, the marmot mascot of Serfaus, and his friends. The fairytale-themed trail is located near Murmli water, beneath Komperdell middle station. The themed hiking trail is suitable for kids up to the age of nine and boasts numerous surprises. For instance, the mysterious storytelling well in the cave tells children the story of Murmli. Guests can also rest on the back of a sleeping bear – who knows, it might even wake up with a roar! The highlight of the trail is the marmot’s cave, where you can see where the cute mascot lives.

Good to know: Murmli trail is pushchair-friendly!

Gold panning area

For treasure hunters

The gold panning area allows children to turn into gold diggers, scouring for gold nuggets at the mud table. Alternatively, you can look for gems in the diamond mine – you can even take your precious finds home with you!

Bear Caching Park in Serfaus

Adventurers welcome!

For older kids, the adventure park offers a special geocaching adventure. Simply download the app to your smartphone via the free Wifi network and off you go!

On your phone, you can see an aerial image of your current location and your target location, with special codes taking you from one station to the next. Your mission is to follow the bear tracks and solve the riddle of the bear’s treasure. What’s the treasure? You’ll have to find out!

Six Senses – a hiking experience for all senses


The Six Senses enjoyment & adventure trail in Serfaus is a themed hiking trail for families that involves all senses. See, hear, taste, smell and taste your way through nature and use your senses to solve the puzzles at the numerous quiz stations. Expect exciting searches, supernatural experiments, “spoon seats” and marvellous vantage points! The adventure trail is pushchair-friendly and runs along Murmli water to Serfaus.

For action-lovers

“Serfauser Sauser” zip line at Serfaus Adventure World

Take off with the “Serfauser Sauser” zip line! On four different routes, you can swoop from the mountain station of Sunliner cable car down to the valley station of Komperdell cable car and marvel at the treetops and sweeping views.

  • Route 1: Warm up – distance: 500.9 m
  • Route 2: Panorama – distance: 783.7 m
  • Route 3: Top-View – distance: 297.6 m
  • Route 4: Speed-Ride – distance: 527.7 m

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