The region’s cultural highlights

Historic treasures in the region surrounding the Leading Family Hotels

Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis is not just a rewarding destination for outdoor enthusiasts. The region surrounding Leading Family Hotels Löwe & Bär is also a favourite with culture lovers. Did you know that there are also many cultural highlights for kids? For instance, wouldn’t your children just love to walk in the footsteps of medieval knights and damsels at Laudeck castle? Serfaus, Fiss and Ladis boast hidden cultural gems for all the family!

Guided village tour in Serfaus

The history of the holiday region

If you want to know more about Alpine customs and traditions, a guided village tour through Serfaus, Fiss and Ladis lets you dive right into the region’s history. What did the lives of the locals look like in olden times? Which special highlights do the individual villages hide? And which cultural treasures can you discover among the quaint lanes and alleyways? The legends and stories told during a walk around the holiday destination are guaranteed to fascinate young holiday guests as well.

Parish museum in Serfaus

Ancient cultural treasures

Your kids are off having fun at the baby and children’s world of the Leading Family Hotels? Then how about seizing the chance for a quick visit to the Parish museum in Serfaus? Having said that, the contemporary museum’s precious exhibits and fascinating stories are also interesting for kids!

Laudeck castle in Ladis

Where history comes to life

Perched high above Ladis, 13th-century Laudeck castle makes you feel like you have stepped back in time. Young guests love to walk in the footsteps of medieval knights and roam the ancient castle grounds. During summer, you can find out more about the history of the well-known castle ruins during a guided tour. Don’t miss the splendid views across the castle lake!

Lake Reschen in Graun

The submerged church steeple

You can hardly believe your eyes when you first see the glistening water of Lake Reschen. Is that a church steeple poking out of the waves?! Yes, it is! To create a hydroelectric plant, the villages of Graun and parts of Reschen were flooded back in the 1950s. The listed church of Curon is a lasting legacy of this historic event. Depending on the water level, it is more or less visible, making it a stunning photo subject – and a great choice for a family outing!

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