The water world of Leading Family Hotel Löwe****ˢ

Pool fun for all the family

The water world of Leading Family Hotel Löwe is the perfect place for guests of all ages to splash about and have fun. Water slide action for the kids, relaxation zones and panoramic views for the grown-ups – the ideal ingredients for unforgettable family holiday moments!

A water paradise for parents and kids

So much to see … and even more to do

The water world of Leading Family Hotel Löwe is jam-packed with family highlights. The littlest ones can splash about in the baby pool, older kids and teens can explore the pirates‘ world, and the grown-ups get to unwind in the relaxation zone. Enjoy splendid views of the surrounding mountains from the spacious family outdoor pool and discover the charming “Lion King” theme that runs throughout the pool area – including special designs featuring the popular Disney characters.

Water fun in the lion’s kingdom

Did you know that the entire water world of Leading Family Hotel Löwe is dedicated to the “Lion King”?  Warm pastel colours are reminiscent of the African savannah, and wall paintings of Simba, Timon, Pumbaa and their friends create a happy, exotic atmosphere: At the pool area, every day is a “Hakuna matata” day!

Swim in the crisp mountain air

The panoramic outdoor pool for families at Leading Family Hotel Löwe is the perfect addition to the hotel’s indoor pool. The outdoor pool and panoramic relaxation room offer marvellous views of the surrounding Tyrolean mountains – at any time of the year. The crystal-clear water has a pleasant temperature of 31 degrees Celsius throughout the year, offering water fun for families in summer as well as in winter. And what about rainy days? Simply head inside to enjoy some water action at the indoor pool!

Holiday fun for young water lovers

A ten-metre play tower, an entire pirates’ world with an indoor water playground, numerous water features and slides, slides, slides: The Lion’s water world is the place to be for action-loving kids.

The undisputed highlight: the 60-metre, extra wide, four-storey “Magic Eye” tube slide with single and double tubes that allows kids to swoosh down into the pool on their own, with a friend or with an accompanying adult.

A well-deserved time-out for parents

The perfect spot for a little break: At the hotel’s relaxation zone, parents can unwind while their little ones are looked after by the qualified staff at the kids’ club. Explore the inviting spa area, visit the sauna and enjoy unrivalled views of the magnificent Tyrolean mountains from the panoramic windows of the relaxation room – a peaceful ambiance, perfect for recharging your batteries.

Goodies for babies and kids at the Lion’s water world

Fun times for young aquaholics

Babies and toddlers can safely splash about in the 31 degree Celsius warm water of Leading Family Hotel Löwe’s pool area. The spacious paddling pool for young water lovers is located in a separate area from the main pool, away from the hustle and bustle of the pirates’ world. For swimming newbies, we offer age-appropriate swimming lessons against a charge:

  • baby swimming with a parent: 5 x 30 minutes, every day from Monday to Friday
  • swimming lessons for beginners without parents: 5 x 50 minutes, every day from Monday to Friday

Of course, our young guests are also lovingly looked after when they’re not at the water world. At the baby and children’s world, we offer everything from cosy arts and crafts corners to impressive climbing towers at the ball pit and action-fuelled bobby car races to make holiday dreams come true.

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