Komperdell middle station

Serfaus Adventure World

The Serfaus Adventure World is certainly very colourful. In recent years, the holiday region has created an ever-growing number of attractions for families. Consequently, guests of Löwe & Bär enjoy a wonderful choice of water parks, exciting themed trails and adventure play grounds.

Many highlights beg to be discovered in the beautiful scenic surroundings of Serfaus. In fact, the choice is so varied that it’s virtually impossible to unlock all the secrets of the Adventure World during a one-week stay! Simply take the Komperdellbahn cable car up to Komperdell middle station and enter the thrilling Serfaus Adventure World. Serfaus is THE paradise for families in the Alps!

Water Games Park


The Murmliwasser is a gigantic (15,000 square metres) interactive water games park for families near the Komperdell middle station in Serfaus. It features water games stops as well as the Murmli burrows, an enclosure with real marmots, plus the Murmli Rodeo and a gold panning sluice. Countless themed trails have opened in the entire Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis holiday region in recent years.


Meet the marmots

Marmot enclosure & Murmli burrows

The region surrounding Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis is home to lots of marmots. Although you can often hear their distinctive whistles during a hike, you almost never catch sight of the shy little rodents. However, the spacious open-air marmot enclosure at Murmliwasser park gives you the unique chance to see the cute animals from up close!

As a special adventure, you can also explore the Murmli burrows, a 200-metre cave system with tunnels, marmot sleeping spots and a viewing platform. Looking for a bit more action? Hop on the slide and discover the fun marmot labyrinth!

Go explore

Murmli trail

Explore the Murmli trail and follow in the footsteps of Murmli, the Serfaus mascot, and his friends. The fairy-tale trail is located beneath the Komperdell middle station near Murmliwasser park and suitable for children aged 0 to 9. The trail features lots of surprises, such as the fairy-tale cave fountain, where children can listen to the story of Murmli. If you’re in need of a break, why not take a little rest on the back of the sleeping bear? But beware, he might wake up with a roar! The highlight of the trail is the Murmli cave at the end, where you can explore the cute mascot’s home. NB: The Murmli trail is also suitable for pushchairs!

For treasure hunters

Gold panning sluice

Try your luck at the gold panning sluice and go looking for gold nuggets at the mud table! Who knows, you might even find some jewels in our diamond mine – and of course, you can take them home with you!

Adventures ahead

Bear-caching park in Serfaus

You like geocaching? Then you will love the interactive adventure park in Serfaus! All you need to do is download a special app to your phone (free Wi-Fi available) at the start of the park and off you go! Your phone displays an aerial map of your current position and your next checkpoint, where you can collect the next code. Follow the bear tracks and discover the secret bear treasure!

Suitable for pushchairs

Six Senses experience trail for all senses

The Six Senses trail in Serfaus is an experience trail for the whole family – and for all senses! See, hear, touch, smell and taste your way along the trail, discovering fascinating illusions and interesting quiz stops along the way. Find hidden secrets, join paranormal experiments or simply enjoy the curious “spoon seats” or amazing vantage points. The experience trail leads from the Murmliwasser park to Serfaus and is suitable for pushchairs.

Pure adrenaline

Serfauser Sauser

Speed freaks will love the “Serfauser Sauser” zip line, whizzing you past the treetops of Serfaus from the mountain station of the Sunliner cable car to the valley station of the Komperdell cable car on four different sections!

  • Section 1: Warm-up - length: 500.9 m
  • Section 2: Panorama - length: 783.7 m
  • Section 3: Top View - length: 297.6 m
  • Section 4: Speed Ride - length: 527.7 m

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