Thrill for the whole family

Family climbing holidays in Tyrol 

No matter if you're looking for a family or sports climbing experience, the region surrounding the children's hotels Löwe & Bär offers plenty of opportunities! For instance, why not join a children's hotel excursion to the X-Trees forest rope course in Serfaus? In addition, the St. Georgen Rappenwand Climbing Crag is a fascinating experience for families, amateurs and pros. Indoor climbing is possible at the large indoor climbing centre in Imst (40 kilometres away). In the surroundings of Serfaus, you can also find several great via ferrata - simply ask your hotel staff for more information!

Climbing fun at forest rope course

X-Trees rope course in Tyrol

The X-Trees fun zone is located on the edge of Serfaus, not too far away from your Leading Family Hotels & Resorts. X-Trees features 12 different courses (including over 80 possible practise exercises) with a total length of 900 metres and heights reaching up to 14 metres. Children swing just like Tarzan from tree to tree with the aid of a new (and additionally enhanced) safety system – it all adds up to an amazing adventure! Another superb highlight beckons at the end when the Flying Fox brings children back to the ground at thrilling speeds.

After a brief induction by the park trainers, children and grown-ups can try out the two practise courses. They are then free to move about on the course that best matches their level of skill, including the exciting Murmli Taster Course for very young visitors.

A family climbing centre

St. Georgen Rappenwand Climbing Crag

A further highlight consists of the family climbing centre in St. Georgen, just below Serfaus. There’s plenty of variety here in the form of 19 different climbing routes with levels of difficulty ranging from II to VII. The climbing centre enjoys an idyllic and very sunny location in woodland. For families, there’s a relatively flat part about five to 25 metres above ground. Experienced climbers will enjoy the vertical section towards the top. Also recommended is a visit to the Glockhäuser and Affenhimmel climbing centres at Zams (about 25 kilometres away); the latter is considered the most beautiful of its kind in West Tyrol.

The Mini & Maxi Club in Fiss-Ladis also has a fantastic climbing tower.